Contest Winners

From time to time we will make decoration and photo contests.

Our Love & Camouflage decoration contest winner is: (drumroll..)
She went so such great length that not only the inside and outside of her booth was decorated, but she even provided models wearing clothes that match the theme. Just outstanding efford which we think should be rewarded !

Our Christmas Market merchants all did such a great job, that it was very hard to decide on a winner.
In the end, we decided to make it 2 winners:
 1Mace1 Resident from American Bully, and
xanthe Firehawk from Enchanted Fantasy.
And now have a look and see for yourself why we let both win:

Our Trick & Treat Fair decoration contest winner is itoibo Resident from the Azn Scripts, Tools & Building Lab. Congratulation!  Prize is a free booth in our next fair. Here the booth pic:

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