Samstag, 11. Mai 2019

Spring Romance Fair Opening 11th May 9 AM SLT

Hi all you Romantics and Spring fans ;-)

Here comes a shopping event in a beautiful beach setting, to satisfy your desires and spark new ideas how to make the most of your SL Spring!

We are also featuring a treasure hunt in the event area.
Each Designer has hidden a gift in a white flower for you.

This fair offers such a large variety, surely there is something for everyone.

Here a few examples:
Shoes, Outfits for men and women, Accessoires, nail polish, Lingerie, Cosmetics, Furniture, Tattoos, Textures, Building Elements, Home & Garden decoration, Flowers, Animations, Skins, Gachas, exclusives, gifts, Unicorns, Unicorn gear, Unicorn skins, Hairstyles, Gadgets, Toys, Plushies, Treasure hunt devices, even a brand new full Mesh Avatar is celebrating it's debut on the fair at an amazing introduction price... and ...probably a few things I even forgot mentioning.

- > check out the picture gallers for a window shopping experience.

Come enjoy:

PS: using the most recent SL viewer with animesh capability is highly recommended to see the dancing mesh avatar and the unicorn in all their glory!

Donnerstag, 25. April 2019

Spring Romance Fair 11th - 25th May 2019

We cordially invite you to our next event,


Spring Romance Fair 2019

Info for merchants who like to participate:

No exclusive items required, but 1 gift to fill in the treasure hunt flower.
New location opening offer: event space at only 200 L for the duration of the event. 
Set up is already open. First come, first served:

See you here :-)