Sonntag, 22. Januar 2023

Love & Camouflage Shopping & Treasure Hunt Event 21st Jan.-21st Feb. 2023

We cordially invite you to visit the Love & Camouflage Shopping and Treasure Hunt Event!

When: 21st Jan.- 21st  Feb.


Here you will find everything Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras themed.

The treasure hunt items are little pinkish masks.

Touch them to receive gifts, or if you hit a trivia one, watch for the question  and answer it to receive your award!

PS: Check out the Love & Camouflage Gallery for more pictures :-)

Samstag, 7. Januar 2023

Events planned in 2023

 Hi everyone and happy new year! :-)

We have prepared a variety of fun events for 2023 and some new features. For example, there is one event called Merchant's Choice where you can vote the topic.

Here an overview of what is planned with the Sign Up Link at the end.

For the registration link, scroll to the bottom :-)

Events in Long Beach:

21st Jan.- 21st Feb. : Love & Camouflage

11th March - 11th April: Easter Joy

25th May - 25th June: Summer Is Coming

21st July - 21st Aug.: Merchant's Choice Event (suggest your 3 favourite themes in the sign up form)

1st Oct.- 31st Oct. Spooktakulum

18th Nov.- 25th Dec. Winter Is Coming

24th Nov.- 27th Nov.: Cyber Weekend Sale (up in the sky platform again so that it won't interfere with anything on the ground)

Events in Wonderland Beach: 

23rd Feb.-19th March: St. Patrick's Event

18th April - 18th May: Spring Spectaculum

20th June - 20th July : Celebrations Event

26th August - 26th Sept.: Autumn Is Coming

23rd Oct. - 23rd Nov.: The Thanksgiving Event

6th Dec. - 6th Jan.: Christmas Market

Event procedure (info for participating merchants):

Usually we send all communications through our inworld group Wonderland Beach Events,

so it makes sense to stay in this group and watch the notices.

 Event set up opening is also announced in the group, approximately 1 week before the planned event start. 

Signing up through the web form is not mandatory for participation, but it ensures that you are contacted individually for each event you sign up, by IM and notecard, about 2 weeks before the planned event start.

Once set up is announced, you come to the event location and reserve your spot by buying the logo sign on the space you want to claim. You receive all event materials and the group link from that logo sign, and since you own it after buying it, you should texture it with your store logo and take a landmark to easier find your spot for setting up.

Set up should be completed at noon 1 day before the event begins, to help us get pictures done in time.

Prices are planned as follows: 199 L$ /20 Li cart , 399 L$/50 Li booth, 599 L$/100 Li store.

 Please note, you are most likely not contacted right after sign up, but if you do sign up and agreed to stick to the rules, you can safely plan to be accepted as participant and will receive your event information approximately 1 week before the respective events begin. You can already start producing for the respective theme. 

>>> Click here to register for 2023 events <<<

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2022

Long Beach Christmas Market 2022, 1st Dec. - 6th Jan.

 ere you find everything Christmas related to make your Holidays fun and enjoyable! We also have a Christmas train ride and roasted chestnuts. Come enjoy :-)

 PS: we rezzed a few more booths so if you are a merchant and want to sell your Christmas related creations, you can pick a booth by buying the logo sign. You then own the sign and can put your store logo on it. The sign box also contains all information about the event so you can copy the contents to your inventory to get those. With any questions, contact Alice Klinger 

Dienstag, 22. November 2022

Cyber Weekend Sale Event 25th-28th Nov.

 Hi all, we are doing a big Cyber Weekend Sale from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, with a variety of merchants participating with nice discounts for this occasion, mainstore links to their locations for more sale items, and we invite you cordially to come shop 'til you drop:

PS: if you are a merchant and would like to participate, we still have a few open spots. Just pay the logo sign of an unoccupied booth to claim it, and then you can already texture it with your logo, join the land group from the land menu, and set up. 

No exclusives required, but whatever you bring, has to be priced significantly lower than the regular price.

Discounts of 50+ % are recommended. I hear some are even doing 70%

A complete picture gallery with pictures of every booth will be poster Thursday evening.

Freitag, 11. November 2022

Winter Is Coming event 18th Nov. - 25th Dec. 2022

 Hi all, our Winter Is Coming shopping and treasure hunt event is now open for merchants to come pick a spot, and will open officially to the public 18th Novemeber, here:


Samstag, 24. September 2022

Spooktakulum Event 1st - 31st Oct. 2022


Hi everyone, the Spooktakulum event will take place 1st - 31st October here:

This will be a fun shopping and treasure hunt event in a beautiful Autumn and Halloween themed park sim.

There will also be a costume contest with live DJ, 29th October 11 AM SLT.

Merchants are invited to come pick a booth and set up until 30th September.

With any questions, contact Alice Klinger in-world.

Dienstag, 23. August 2022

Autum Is Coming Event 26th August - 26th September 2022


Hi all, the Autumn Is Coming event will begin at the 26th August and merchant set up is already available. If you want to participate as a merchant, you can still come pick a booth until the 25th August here:
Everything Autumn related and general rated can be sold here