Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2024

Summer Is Coming 2024, 24th May - 24th June

The Summer Is Coming event 2024 invites you to a fun Summer themed shopping spree and treasure hunt. We also have a special "Dinkies Lane" again.
The treasures are inside little treasure chests this time. Touch them to receive the gifts.
Here you can find creative accessories, decorations and outfits, all presented in a beautiful beach holiday styled Region with plenty of opportunity to take pictures and relax.
The Event runs from 24th May through 24th June 2024.


Samstag, 11. Mai 2024

Donnerstag, 11. April 2024

Spring Spectaculum 2024, 12th April - 12th May

 The Spring Spectaculum 2024 invites you to a fun shopping and treasure hunt event with many creative merchants who offer their best accessories, decorations, outfits and even animeshes to make your Spring awesome! There is also lots to see and do, even a balloon ride and plenty of opportunity for taking great pictures. Come enjoy:



Donnerstag, 29. Februar 2024

Easter Joy 2024, 1st - 31st March

 Easter Joy 2024 shopping and treasure hunt event invites you to a fun and creative Easter holiday themed location! Find amazing decorations, accessories and outfits, gifts, and egg hunt prizes.
Come enjoy:


Freitag, 16. Februar 2024

St. Patrick's Market & Treasure Hunt 17th Feb. - 17th March 2024

 This is a shopping and treasure hunting event with a St. Patrick's Day  theme and  trivia. Here you find themed deco, accessories,  and outfits, gifts and fun stuff to see and do. Come enjoy:


Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2024

Love & Camouflage 2024, 19th Jan.-14th Feb.

 The Love & Camouflage cordially invites you to a new round of shopping and treasure hunting fun!

Here you find accessories, decorations and outfits for Valentines Day and Mardi Gras, with a fantasy twist! The event runs betweenn 19th January and 14th February 2024.  Come enjoy:


Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2023

Happy New Year from Wonderland Beach Events

 Hi everyone and happy new year! :-)

We have prepared a variety of fun events for 2024, 

with the Sign Up Link at the bottom of the page.


Events in Long Beach:

19th Jan.- 14th Feb. : Love & Camouflage (Valentines Day & Mardi Gras themes)

1st -31st March: Easter Joy

24th May - 24th June: Summer Is Coming

19th July - 19th Aug.: Freestyle Fantasy

1st Oct.- 31st Oct. Spooktakulum

22th Nov.- 25th Dec. Winter Is Coming

Events in Wonderland Beach: 

17th Feb.-17th March: St. Patrick's Event

12th April - 12th May: Spring Spectaculum

21st June - 21st July : Celebrations Event

23th August - 23th Sept.: Autumn Is Coming

1st. Oct.- 31st Oct.: Trick Or Treat 2024 Event

8th. - 28th Nov.: Cozy Thanksgiving Event (Thanksgiving & Winter theme)

6th Dec. - 6th Jan.: Christmas at the Beach Market

Event procedure (info for participating merchants):

Usually we send all communications through our inworld group Wonderland Beach Events,

so it makes sense to stay in this group and watch the notices.

 Event set up opening is also announced in the group, approximately 1 week before the planned event start.

Signing up through the web form is not mandatory for participation, but it ensures that you are contacted individually for each event you sign up, by IM and notecard, about 1 week before the planned event start.

Once set up is announced, you come to the event location and reserve your spot by buying the logo sign on the space you want to claim. You receive all event materials and the group link from that logo sign, and since you own it after buying it, you should texture it with your store logo and take a landmark to easier find your spot for setting up.

*** NEW in 2024:  Autumn is Coming, Trick or Treat 2024 and Cozy Thanksgiving you can keep your booths and just renew by buying the new event kit when it becomes available. Nothing will be returned if you renew, so you can change stock as you see fit.***

Set up should be completed at noon 1 day before the event begins, to help us get pictures done in time.

Prices are planned as follows: 199 L$ /20 Li cart , 399 L$/50 Li booth, 599 L$/100 Li store.

 Please note, you are most likely not contacted right after sign up, but if you do sign up and agreed to stick to the rules, you can safely plan to be accepted as participant and will receive your event information approximately 1 week before the respective events begin. You can already start producing for the respective theme. 

>>> Click here to register for 2024 events <<<