Montag, 27. September 2021

Spooktakulum is opening 1st October :-)

 Hi fans, for our Halloween event this year we have redecorated the event area like a magical Castle. Can you guess where I got my inspiration from?  ;-)

Have a look at the gallery...

Update: Spooktakulum now OPEN! Booths are packed full with Halloween goodness, and there are gifts in almost every store, and 15 more trivia treasure chests with hairstyling gifts hidden in the event area. For some you may need to fly up with a broomstick to see them. Come enjoy:

Samstag, 21. August 2021

Autumn Is Coming event now open!

 Hi everyone, the event is now open, so come enjoy shopping and hunting for everything Autumn related from accessoires to outfits to decorations:
More pictures in the gallery :-)

Samstag, 7. August 2021

Autumn Is Coming Event now open for merchants to come pick a spot!

 Autumn Is Coming is going to be a shopping and treasure hunt event themed around Autumn.

If you have autumn related items to sell, you can come over and chose a spot by buying the logo sign on the booth you want. Join the free land group and you are ready to start setting up.

199L$ for carts (20 LI), 399 L$ for booths (50 LI), for the event duration. 

Please, do touch the logo sign to get the rules notecard first though. 

We do not ask for much, but a few rules have to be followed ;-) Beach/90/130/23



Samstag, 24. Juli 2021

~*~60s event 23rd July - 15th August is OPEN ~*~

 Hi everyone, now our 60s event is in full swing!

With blue sky and much love, a 17 questions trivia treasure hunt, about 33 more gifts from all the generous participating merchants, lots of special offers, excellent 60s products and some fun relaxing corners to take pictures at and breathe in the 60s atmosphere, just come enjoy it:

 PS: we even have a Dinkies store! Having plenty of Dinkie customers in our mainstore, I thought I'd try everything to bring some shopping fun into our events for you, and one brave Dinkies merchant did an awesome job laying out his store perfectly for you and offering great outfits. Definately must see!

Check out the gallery too for a preview :-)

Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2021

The 60's Event now open for merchant registration and set up!

 Hi everyone,

our event area is now ready for merchants to come chose a spot by buying the logo sign on it and texturing it with your logo afterwards. The logo box contains all information and items that you need for this event.

Carts start at 199 L$ (20 LI) for the whole event duration, booths 399 L$ (50 LI), larger store spaces 599 L$ (100 LI). 

Let's make this a great event together :-)

Peace, love and fun!

Your direct tp link:


Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2021

Summer Is Coming now Open!


Summer Is Coming! The shopping and treasure hunt event is officially open, with over 40 booths & carts for shopping and treasure hunting, and plenty of other fun things to see and do. Full picture gallery here on our blog,


Samstag, 24. April 2021


The "Summer Is Coming" Event is now open for merchants. Carts start at 199 L$/20 LI for the event duration, booths are 399 L$/50 LI. Everything summer-related is welcome, pictures need to be general rated, because of the sim rating.
Come claim your spot by buying a logo sign. You can then set up right away by joining the land group from the sign or land menu and start rezzing your items right away. The event begins officially on 1st May. We have a decoration contest again! 🙂