Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2021

Summer Is Coming now Open!


Summer Is Coming! The shopping and treasure hunt event is officially open, with over 40 booths & carts for shopping and treasure hunting, and plenty of other fun things to see and do. Full picture gallery here on our blog,


Samstag, 24. April 2021


The "Summer Is Coming" Event is now open for merchants. Carts start at 199 L$/20 LI for the event duration, booths are 399 L$/50 LI. Everything summer-related is welcome, pictures need to be general rated, because of the sim rating.
Come claim your spot by buying a logo sign. You can then set up right away by joining the land group from the sign or land menu and start rezzing your items right away. The event begins officially on 1st May. We have a decoration contest again! 🙂

Samstag, 17. April 2021

Spring Spectaculum Shopping & Treasure Hunt Event 2021 OPEN!

 Hi everyone, the Spring Spectaculum 2021 is now open and we made it into the destination guide again on the featured events front page. Yay! Great job, everyone! 

Now come enjoy this fun event throughly:

Full picture gallery:

We'd love to see your own favourite pictures of the event, please share them in our Flickr group here:



Freitag, 9. April 2021

Spring Spectaculum Open for Merchant registrations!

 The Spring Spectaculum is a fun shopping and treasure hunting event in a lovingly decorated sim. Themes are Spring, Carnival, Steam Punk, and Circus. The decoration is an interesting mixture of all those. There are also bumper swans to ride around, a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, and a few more things to discover.

Carts start at 199 L$/20 LI for the event duration, booths are 399 L$/50 LI.
Come join the fun and bring your existing items for sale that fit any of the 4 themes.

Only 40 merchant spaces available!

Samstag, 20. März 2021

Easter In Wonderland Event now OPEN!

 Easter in Wonderland is a shopping & treasure hunt event.
 Come explore the beautiful sim, relax under the blooming trees, shop and find gifts in the Easter baskets. The sim is general rated and family-friendly. Duration: 8th March - 5th April 2021 


-> see the Gallery for all pictures :-)

Donnerstag, 4. März 2021

St Patrick's Market & Treasure Hunt OPEN!

 Hi all!

Enjoy shopping, relaxing, and treasure hunting in a beautifully decorated St. Patrick's Day themed sim.  Looks like someone had a wild party here. Green Beer and Cupcakes for everyone, and there is a trivia game too.
The event runs 2nd-17th March

If you are a merchant, and have a few items for the upcoming St Patrick's Day, this is the event for you to be! Carts start at only 199L$ for the whole event duration, no exclusive required, you can claim your spot by buying the logo sign and set up with the land group right away, beautifully arranged sim wide event. Come see:





Samstag, 23. Januar 2021

Love & Camouflage Event ready for merchants to come pick a booth/ cart and set up :-)

Hi fellow merchants, the Love & Camouflage Event is now ready for set up.
You can chose a space by buying the logo sign on the booth or cart you chose, then texture it with your logo. Prices starting at 199L for the whole event duration, no exclusive required. Come see beautiful New Orleans and be part of it: