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Dear Business Owner,

We cordially invite you to participate in the Spooktakulum!
 This will be a shopping and  treasure hunt event. The theme is everything Autumn, Día de los Muertos & Halloween related.

The sim is rated Mature rated. So you can bring all your thoroughly spooky stuff, just  nothing adult rated.

20th September - 20th November 202

The location is here:
(not landing point routed, but this will be the official landing zone from advertisements)

Participation fees:
Prices & Li:

Gold spots: 1299 L$ for the whole event duration, for 100 Li large store spaces
Silver spots: 799 L$ for the whole event duration, 50 Li/prims booth
Bronze spots:  399 L$ for the whole event duration, 20 Li/prims Umbrella stand.
More prims per spot available at 20L/prim for the event duration.

What you get:
Market cart or booth space depending on spot type you chose (and shortly in front, if you want to rez a few items) to bring your vendors/items for sale. This event will be advertised on Seraphim, various blogs, facebook, flickr, and in the SL event calendar, and the earlier you set up the more will see your offers while setting up. Foot traffic from the treasure hunt and mainstore on the sim.

There will also be a booth decoration contest.

Best decorated booth wins a free spot in our next event.

How to start:
Spaces will be distributed on a first come first served base. You can come pick your space, buy the sign on the booth you chose, then put your logo on it.  If you open the box you bought and copy the contents to your inventory, there is all information and the treasure hunt item included.

The land group is free to join. Group join signs will be in place.

No waiting time involved!

Start right away, set up is open!

1.) All pictures and items you bring must be PG or mature. No adult  rated content allowed.
2.) You do not need to bring anything new, but what ever you bring should fit the theme.
3.) Each merchant agrees to offer a gift during the event time, which will go into the treasure hunt item.
4.) Only original products please, where you have the rights to sell them. We do not allow stolen content.
5.) No full bright vendors, other items or signs allowed (except light sources)!
6.) No hovertext, and your sign should be in the assigned space for it.  (Texture the box you buy when picking your spot with your logo)
7.) All items should stay within your rented space, at least not cover or poke through the walls towards other rental space or cover it.
8.) Decorating your booth and the space in front of your boot or wall is definately encouraged, but leave walk ways open please so that people can move around between the booths.
9.) Any items violating the rules will be returned without refund.

By purchasing a market box you agree to the rules.

Any questions? -> send an IM or Notecard to Alice Klinger

Our website where we put your store picture once all is set up:

Enjoy the Event,  and best of business luck! :-)

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